Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Have you ever been there? Stand Up.. Testify"

"The truth is parents are not interested in justice.
They just want quiet."

Bill Cosby

Let me say this...

"People demand freedom of speech to make up for the
freedom of thought which they avoid." Soren Kierkegaard

Hits Home

I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way

Carl Sandburg

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My aim

"There are many ways to measure success; not the least of which is the way your child describes you when talking to a friend." Unknown

Thursday, October 16, 2008

new song

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So there ARE some good things about getting old

Grant me the senility to forget the people
I never liked anyway,
the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and
the eyesight to tell the differenc

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

grab a chair and i'll stand on the soapbox for a while..

I just can not sit still any longer and not voice how I feel about this upcoming election. This past year I have been truly depressed and disallusional about politics and the direction our country is going. My attention didn't get stirred until I heard the ruckus over John McCain's selection for Vice President. Then I truly listened to what McCain was saying where he placed the value of our country and the direction he intends to take us. We have been ridiculed, targeted by terrorists, and even our own citizens have mocked our country and the situation w find ourselves. As I have stated before, my grandfather fought for our freedoms and the freedoms of a terrorized and agonized world. The domination and threat were the highest ever to our world w/Japan, Hitler and Mussolini. It was a war that needed to be fought and had to be won.

My grandfather was one of many men who served when he legally was classified as too old. He felt an obligation as many men of his generation did and signed up to fight. He survived the war but came back from what I am told a different man. He served in Europe and I believe he saw the most evil acts that man has seen. Granddaddy Never spoke of his experiences. It was too painful and raw. Just before he died, he started to write down his experiences and thoughts of his time served. Unfortunately, his eyesight was lost to a disease that robbed him of his ability to finish his task. Personally, I think that it was supposed to work out that way so he wouldn't have to relive those terrors when faced w/the knowledge of the power his words would hold on typewritten paper. He didn't have to sign up to fight but he loved his country more than fear could hold on him. He grew up a simple man and died a simple man having raised his family and serving his country to the best of his abilities. Family members that served as well came home broken to a very harsh reality of never being able to live life physically like they had once known and enjoyed. Broken nerves and injuries that couldn't be mended had to remind them of their service to their country and the ultimate sacrifice they paid. It has been said that the ultimate sacrifice you can make is dying for the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted. Although I agree with the sentiment.. my mind can't help but think that the ultimate sacrifice is the one where the broken and emotionally scarred soldiers face on a daily having survived such great horrors. In death, at least there is a finality and peace again. The body and mind are no longer broken. The spirit is able to fly freely and peacefully once again. The shoulda, coulda, and wouldas no longer matter and haunt everyone effected by the collateral damage caused by war.

The place I consider home is made up of a wonderful group of people who immigrated from Czechoslavkia, Germany, and other Slavich countries. They came here to escape
the lost freedoms in a new country that offered them enormous potential. Their roots run so deep that 3 and 4 generations past the immigrated ancestors still own the native countries accent and language. They are proud, hard-working, industrious and tight. The bonds they maintain are incredible. Having said that, I hold so many up in huge esteem for many of those people chose to fight for their new country against many relatives that had become the enemy. They knew their allegiance was for America.. a free and open Republic that bore the labors of their hard work and investment. A friend's grandfather of German descent also fought. He found himself on the short stick when his battalion was overcome by the German forces. When the German soldiers heard him talk, they thought they had accidentally and somehow captured one of their own soldiers. The interesting thing about this story was that he had such a tight and correct accent, they were certain he was German born and raised. On the contrary, his parents or grandparents had immigrated here. He readily admitted that "no, he was an American.. a proud American". He proudly became a POW. His treatment could have been much easier if he had taken the easy way out I'm sure. But he stood by his convictions.

All of this leads me to the question, "Why are we American citizens not asked to sacrifice for this war?" This country came together for a short while right after 9/11. But the wonderful sacrifices and humanity in that tragic event was quickly forgotten all too soon. If we civilians were asked to help out, then this fight could have helped us pull together as a very strong nation fighting a common enemy and focusing on the same task at hand. It feels like I was misled in the reason we targeted Iraq. But, we never do get all of the facts.. And as Jack Nicholson famously said "(We)You can't handle the truth!!".. Would we be acting out so immaturely and distant if we did know all of the terroristic events that have been prevented since 9/11. England and a few other nations have stuck by us in this fight. It leads me to believe there really is more to this story. The media being the media refuses to embark on telling a non bias report to all the good that we have done for others. According to them, there is only one story and it being that we are terrible terrible terrible.

The root of this entire situation to me is we are facing an enemy unlike any we have ever seen. We forget that there is Everything that we hold dear at stake. Our enemy has said that it wants us DEAD.. Everything we stand for as a nation and people would be obliterated if we fail to stop them. And they won't be satisfied until they accomplish their goal. A religious extreme mantra is one unlike any other. We are not being attacked for land or valuable resources. We are being attacked for our way of life, our freedoms and all that we hold dear. They have made their case very clear.

It was so funny to me that when we first went into Iraq, some US citizens flew there to protest our actions. They were standing for Peace at any cost. They even went into the war field from what was being reported to try and hold a protest. What was so amusing to me? They were begging for peace. Suddam Hussein laughed and said thanks. We are so glad you are here. Now go stand in the very front of the line and be the first near US tanks and armory to make a stand. He knew that if they stayed they would be killed. And he was quite happy to see them die. They believed in their cause so much, that they backed down and went away. The price for peace had become too high when it came to their sacrifice to the peace and war effort.

This election really is the most important one of my lifetime I believe. And I can't stand war or conflict. However, the thought of someone coming in and not backing everything we have invested for 232 years is crazy. And it's about time someone did what they said they would do and then follow through. Experience and
wisdom are earned, achieved and never forgotten by those that possess it. We can't afford to take a chance on someone who's political ties and background are very questionable to say the least. We can not fail these next few years. And maybe with the economy taking a nosedive will help the country pull together once again and become a United nation. A pipe dream I am sure, but it's mine.. so I will keep hoping. Again addressing the enormous sacrifices that were made to make this country strong as it is...I fear most that those sacrifices will not be held and they would have given their all in vain. And I will go out on a limb and say that we Americans have become so complacently complacent that we refuse to take responsibility for our expectations. We demand that the govt. be our first, last and everything in between. No open and free government can follow through with those terms. The cost is too high.. We need to stand up and follow through with what we believe in.. And that we waste, consume and expect way more than we are entitled to with all the people of this earth. The WWII generation got it right.. they gave way more than they expected back and I think that made all the difference in the world and the success of our nation.

Go Hank

Friday, October 10, 2008

Postive thought for the day for most

"Rely on the ordinary virtues that intelligent, balanced human beings have relied upon for centuries:

common sense
realistic expectations
patience (and)
perserverence "

John C. Bogle- American Investor

well... that is good advice. Unfortunately, I lack the balanced part that's essential to this quote. Then add minimal common sense and exceedingly low level of patience..
OK OK.. you know that I have NO patience.. not an ounce..
I have always wanted for yesterday ..

these are trying times we are a living in.. it's hard to decide exactly what we need to do right now.. if we cut everything out, then others suffer and get worse off.. But, we are afraid of spending at all for fear of not having anything left.. not that our 401K's are worth the paper they are printed upon right now..

For me, I'm hugging and loving more frequently and deeper. Looking for the little things that life has to delight me, turning the tv off and reading deeper and more meaningful books..

miracles never cease

Yea.. I did it..
Found the editing information by accident..
hopefully this site won't be obnoxious anymore w/ huge pix, blank spaces..
etc.. Thanks for your patience.. just like me, this site is a work in progress

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Totally Narcissitic

Anyone notice the hideous and hideously HUGE duplicate photos of me down the page?
It is a mistake. Truth be known? Yes, I'm narccistic.. but I shouldn't advertise it right?
I just can't figure out how to take them off. Actually, they are 2 of 5 attempts to get Marshall's birthday slide show on here. I've never understood people who put photos of themselves in their home unless it's a family photo or with a friend or family member. Disclaimer: Now photos of kids
are absolutely positively on every wall or blank space.. Ok.. at least mine should be.. It's nice to see the heathens being kind to each other, unsticky/undirty and relatively angelic once in a while.. even if is only in the past.. Having said that.. I invite someone, anyone to help me get those pix off of this site.. Help.. I'm technically computer illiterate as well.

Positive Radio

I heard a great thing on the radio this morning. A math teacher had some of his students call a local radio station during the prime time. The giggly kids asked the DJ's if they could help them with a problem. They then told them the problem was an algebra problem. The DJ wrote it down and gave them the correct answer. You could hear cheering in the background and the teacher came on to asy thanks. That teacher found a way to get his students excited about his class and their work. That probably will be something those students will remember from their high school days. Something that made an impact. The DJ then made the joking comment that he just reinforced the lesson. "See, if a DJ can do an algebra problem, then so can you".~ There's hope for you. And that school is so blessed to have an instructor that is in tune and cares about the success of his students.. going above and beyond to reach them.

Anyone who really knows me knows I am mathematically illiterate. It's just a proven fact. In fact, if I had to get out of high school today.. I'm not sure I could actually pass geometry to today's standards.
When I turned almost 30, the Dr. explained that I have spacial depth perception problems with my eyes. Duh? Really? Now it makes total sense. Those crappy dots that tormented me in high school
weren't crappy dots.. they represented shapes I couldn't see.

To top it all off.. I studied interior design in college. Yep.. they were stupid enough to give the kid her degree in what? Spatial Perception Improvements. I am very proud that I Earned that degree. That was hard for me at the time..Now I ask.. why didn't I get the diagnosis Before all that struggle at times?

Why am I writing about perception and what does it have to do with a radio station.. (ok.. we're going to Florida but we are stopping in Detroit first).?? One of my projects in said college was a photography studio. It was late at night and I was having tons of trouble drawing my perspective rendering of a tripod w/camera in a room with circular walls. Everything I drew, only made it worse. I knew what I had drawn was technically wrong..But it was driving me nuts that I couldn't figure out just what the problem was. Instinctly it was wrong.

My college roommate was an Honors Student who took advanced math for an elective. Ok.. WTH?
Who takes upper level math as a freebie class?? This just blew me away. And her grades were higher than most math majors. Believe you me.. I wasn't laughing when she looked at my drawing. She too knew something was off. Then the next thing that totally raised my appreciation for her was when she took out her pencil and started coming up with this mathematical formula to figure out the answer.
I'll be damned.. That figure could have been the solution for a hydrogen bomb for all I knew the way it looked to me. She turned to me and said "Here.. this line is wrong and you are technically off 2 sq. ft." Sure enough.. I was off 2 feet. She saved my grade and I learned that the crappy advanced math did have a place in this world. Just not for me to figure out correctly. Was thinking a few minutes ago that Marshall may view his world through the eyes she has. He loves to work out different solutions to problems by thinking outside the normal everyday box. What a joy it will be to turn over the business
accounts and personal accounts to him soon. Today I start the countdown. However, with the economy is such a dive.. there may not be anything left for him to count..