Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Sat. night!!

Ok.. I have to admit I really don't get into sports.. Football especially.. My choice of sports is tennis and basketball to watch on television. However, I have ALWAYS been a Red Raider. It's the school my dad took some classes while at another school and my sister graduated from. It's the school I always wanted to go to, until we moved so far away. Tech has always been the underdog. It's in West Texas and the people have the dreaded distinctive Texas drraawwwllll that most people associate w/ Texas linguistics.

However, the accomplishment it made for itself Saturday night has given the school national attention. The rivalry between The University of Texas and Tech has been one sided for years. UT pretty much stands for everything Tech does not. So every year, Tech's one game they work hardest at winning is beating the T-Sippers. UT on the other hand pretty much could care less as if they were just another fly to swat that's a nuisance. UT has the most expensive and wealthy athletic department in the country. Those guys are pampered beyond belief. So they usually acquire the cream of the crop in the recruits. They also are famous for a team that consistently gets into legal trouble and causes tons of bad press.

Tech on the other hand does not have a war chest in funding. And many players that choose them play for the education and the love of the game. I'm sure they are treated well, just not with all the bells and whistles. Tech had never made it into the national rankings before. And to play UT at home with them being ranked #1 in the nation was "The Game of a Lifetime". I proudly wore my tshirt and would hear both good and jestful ribbing this past week. (and any other week as well)! Around these parts.. burnt orange longhorns on shirts are as plentiful and litter on the side of the road. It's like seeing a moose in these parts...

Anyway, Tech totally dominated UT. They scored, the blocked, they sacked and was awesome. UT had a good comeback in the final minutes of the game.
So they were leading for the first time by one pt. with a little over a minute left to play. Tech refused to lose this game and worked the ball down the field as quickly as they could. They ran in a beautiful, gorgeous and winning touchdown w/one second left on the clock.. It was Goosebump Great. They accomplished what they had set out to do and icing on the cake is they are now ranked 2nd in the nation. They have a tough schedule up ahead, but they already beat the team that beat the teams they have left on their roster. If they put into those games the heart they put into Sat. game, they could be a leading contender for the final.

It was an AWESOME 4 hrs. And I watched almost every single play!! (and I'm a coach's kid.. who could never do that before).. Thanks Tech.. It took my mind off the worrisome election, war, economy and all the other stressors for a grand time.
What a great way to start the week.. Go Red Raiders!!